Shenmew Three Mashup

Finally you can finish the story with Shenmew 3, set for release late 2013 on Xbox, PS3 and PS4. Following the events of Shenmue 2, you must depart from Yokosuka to Hong Kong and search once again for Pokemon Master Ash. This mysterious and elusive individual is Mews only possible link to Pikachu the beast who murdered his father.


  • A blend of mystery, suspense, drama and action.
  • Advanced 3-D fighting system with over 50 punches, kicks, holds, and combos.
  • Fully-immersive world with bustling streets, night and day, and realistic weather effects.
  • Xbox exclusives: 90-minute movie DVD, faster load times, sepia and black-and-white color filters.

About GamepadGlory

Celebrating the golden days of gaming and stomping on its head.

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