Fuze the MC Rapstar Mashup

Fuze the MC: Rapstar captures the essence of what Hip Hop is all about: the music, the battles and of course…the swagger. The ultimate emcee experience for video game consoles, Fuze the MC: Rapstar is the only music game that focuses exclusively on Hip Hop. With more than 40 songs available at release, Fuze the MC: Rapstar allows you to be the star, by rhyming, using your console camera, and uploading your video to the fully integrated Fuze the MC: Rapstar community. Fuze the MC: Rapstar also offers you the ability to freestyle over tracks by some of the hottest hip hop producers and upload your freestyle performances for the world to decide how good you really are.


  •  Fuze the MC: Rapstar is the first music game fully dedicated to Hip Hop.
  • Unlike most other microphone-based games, Fuze the MC: Rapstar features custom, proprietary voice recognition technology that judges lyrical accuracy.
  • Utilising the Playstation Eye camera, Fuze the MC: Rapstar allows you to create a video of the performance starring yourself, edit, and then upload to the Internet.
  • Freestyle mode allows MCs in the making to kick your own lyrics over well-known producers’ beats, offering a chance to show and prove that you have what it take.

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