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Singstar Wars Mashup

SingStar Wars Edition, with brand-new force control feature, only compatible with PLAYSTATION 4 means you won’t need to worry about picking up your PS4 controller as you sing along. Simply speak into your Wireless SingStar Wars Microphones and announce which track you want to sing next – and it will appear on your screen! Plus you can even shop and search through your SingStore Carousel using your voice! Being a SingStar’s never been so much fun…


Unleash some attitude with the Cantina Band, then grab your best padawan for a pop duet with the Cantina Band, rock out with the Cantina Band or perform a sexy solo without the Cantina Band.

Fuze the MC Rapstar Mashup

Fuze the MC: Rapstar captures the essence of what Hip Hop is all about: the music, the battles and of course…the swagger. The ultimate emcee experience for video game consoles, Fuze the MC: Rapstar is the only music game that focuses exclusively on Hip Hop. With more than 40 songs available at release, Fuze the MC: Rapstar allows you to be the star, by rhyming, using your console camera, and uploading your video to the fully integrated Fuze the MC: Rapstar community. Fuze the MC: Rapstar also offers you the ability to freestyle over tracks by some of the hottest hip hop producers and upload your freestyle performances for the world to decide how good you really are.


  •  Fuze the MC: Rapstar is the first music game fully dedicated to Hip Hop.
  • Unlike most other microphone-based games, Fuze the MC: Rapstar features custom, proprietary voice recognition technology that judges lyrical accuracy.
  • Utilising the Playstation Eye camera, Fuze the MC: Rapstar allows you to create a video of the performance starring yourself, edit, and then upload to the Internet.
  • Freestyle mode allows MCs in the making to kick your own lyrics over well-known producers’ beats, offering a chance to show and prove that you have what it take.

Drum King: Def Leppard Mashup

The only game for true Drum Kings.

Get ready to rock out on Wii U. Ever wanted to be the drummer in the world’s biggest rock band? Well now you can with Drum King: Def Leppard. It’s simple! just swing the Wii Remote as if you were Rick Allen drumming to smash the snare, tap the tom or beat the bass. Then, hit the road to play in some amazing venues across the globe.


  • Wide range of drumming styles.
  • Ready to rock straight from the box – no need for costly peripherals just use one Wiimote.
  • Create your own drumming legend.
  • Single and multiplayer modes.
  • Over 30 top quality tracks.
  • Difficulty scaled so beginners have fun but experts face a real rock challenge.

MTV Music Generator 2: Retro

MTV Music Generator 2: Retro Game of the day

Music was simply the common name for the series of music creation programs by Jester Interactive and published by Codemasters. The programs are tools that allow the user to create music. This can be done either by inserting pre-made riffs and other sound samples, or creating original riffs by composing using musical notation. It is also possible to create a music video to play along with the created music.


We particularly love MTV Music Generator 2 due to the fact it was endorsed by DJ David Morales who provided an awesomely hilarious video intro. The developer stated at its release that signing David Morales was perfect for the game, his fame on the international club circuit and the acclaim for his studio work embodies the aspirations of the software’s users. Mike Hayes, marketing director at Codemasters added with the mix of big-name and breaking artists we have secured it gives a great spread across the musical styles featured in the software. See the hilarious intro here ->

Guitar Hero: Nickelback Mashup

Exploding onto consoles this summer Guitar Hero: Nickelback will completely change the way you interact with games, transforming your living room into a rocking stage. The beauty of Guitar Hero: Nickelback is that it’s easy to pick up and features tunes for all ages – So, hey, hey, who wants to be be a Rockstar?


Product Features

  • Crank it up to 11 and get ready to rock – Featuring over 7 master recordings from the legendary band Nickelback.
  • Truly exclusive music – Multiple tracks that can only be found here.
  • An authentic look and feel – Improving the graphics from the ground up have created a more intense visual element.
  • Rock this way – The arcade-inspired battle mode adds a new dimension to the Guitar Hero franchise.
  • You’ve got to beat the best, to be the best – Battle mode lends itself to the boss battles featuring Chad.
  • It takes two – new Co-op Career mode to progress through career with a friend.
  • Rockin’ around the world – Compete head-to-head in any of the competitive game modes online.

Final Fantasy beats Beethoven

The Classic FM Hall of Fame has seen two video game soundtracks voted into the top 5, Final Fantasy and Skyrim. Aerith’s Theme, from Final Fantasy 7 has climbed into 3rd position, beating the likes of Beethoven and Mozart.

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