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Pimp My Bride Mashup

Pimp My Bide thrusts gamers into the world of Bridal City. Here, bling is king, and speed is everything. With Xzibit lending some tracks from his recently released CD, the game has a true MTV generation backdrop of urban music, art and sound where players step into the role of modification master to customise women into the most banging Brides. Players pick the mods, hooking up everything from hair extensions and eye lashes to cracking tiaras and stunning vajazzles to transform the worst broken down beaters into pimped out masterpieces. Style skills are put to the ultimate test and completed Brides are then rated in the streets to gain priceless bragging rights and credibility in their neighbourhoods. Players can navigate free-roam environments, earning respect with flossed out Brides in five unique boroughs such as New Wave Beach, Hip-Hop Heights and Downtown Metro.


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