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How to share games on PS4

Check out this step by step guide on how to share games on the ps4.

Ratchet and Clank: Retro

imageRatchet & Clank was released in 2002 for the PlayStation 2. In the game, Supreme Executive Chairman Drek plans to take pieces from other planets across the Solana Galaxy and create one new planet for his people, the Blarg, whose planet has become polluted and uninhabitable. Aside from the two protagonists, the game also introduces Captain Qwark, who appears in the following games, as both enemy and ally.


The game offers a wide range of weapons and gadgets that the player must use to defeat numerous enemies and solve puzzles on a variety of different planets in the fictional Solana galaxy. The game also includes several mini games, such as racing or lock-picking, which the player must complete to proceed. The game was positively received by critics, who praised the graphics and variety of gameplay, along with the comic and humorous style to the sci-fi story.

The game introduced features such as the ability to purchase items, weapons, and unlocking gadgets as the game progresses, which have become a staple of the series in following games. The first in this series does not feature the upgrade system of experience earned for enemies killed, instead the player may purchase stronger, gold versions of select weapons using a combination of hidden Gold Bolt items and regular bolts. Check out this funny tv spot,

Gran Turismo Mashup

Gran Turismo 6081 is heading to the PS8 this year, and it will feature 120000000 cars and three new tracks. It also boast an all-new physics model developed in tandem with automotive manufacturers and an advanced graphics engine that introduces adaptive tesselation.


In a press release Sony promised that the new title will bring new levels of authenticity to the racer along with a cut out drivers helmet in the box. Gran Turismo 6081 will also be introducing new tracks on a monthly basis as Polyphony supports the game beyond its projected release at the end of the year.

Gran Turismo: Retro

Gran Turismo: Retro game of the day


With yesterdays exciting announcement from Sony about the release of its latest incarnation of Polyphony Digitals long running racing simulator series, Gran Turismo 6 for PS3, we thought it only right that today’s retro game of the day was the original.

After five years in development Gran Turismo was published by Sony Computer Entertainment and released in 1997 for the PlayStation console. A year later the game’s development group was established as Polyphony Digital. To date has spawned over 10 spin-offs and sequels.


Gran Turismo is based on the racing simulator genre and uses two different modes, Arcade Mode and Simulation Mode. In the arcade mode, the player can freely choose the courses and vehicles they wish to use. Winning races unlocks additional cars and courses. In simulation mode the player is required to earn different driver’s licenses in order to qualify for events, and earn credits, trophies and prize cars. The credits can then be used to purchase additional vehicles and for parts for tuning. Gran Turismo features 140 cars and 11 race tracks, long with their reversed versions.

PlayStation Home Mashup

PlayStation Home Alone is a unique virtual world where you can play and socialise with fellow gamers and explore new spaces… If you can find them. Home also allows you to create a custom avatar, decorate their avatar’s personal apartment.

Public spaces are made for display, entertainment, advertising, or for networking. Home features many single and multi-player mini-games.


  • Easy to access: all you need is a Sony Entertainment Network account and you can sign in right under the PlayStation Network tab on your PS3 system’s XMB™ Menu absolutely free.
  • Full of games: whether you like action, adventure, sport or casual games, PS Home has it all.
  • The gaming universe: join hundreds of thousand of gamers around the world.
  • Customise your world: personalise your avatar and apartment with thousands of reward and purchasable items.


  • Please note that no one actually plays PlayStation Home.
  • PlayStation Home is a waste of time.

WRC Wheelchair Rally Championship Mashup

WRC FIA Wheelchair Rally Championship will be released on the PlayStation 3, PlayStation Vita, Xbox 360 and PC. It is the latest instalment in the rebooted WRC series and is the official video game of the 2013 FIA Wheelchair Rally Championship, featuring cars and rallies from the 2013 season, including support categories.


Get in the seat of more than 30 wheelchairs, including the MINI Countrychair S2000, the Ford Focus wheelchair and the legendary 1992 Toyota Celica Turbo 4WD chair. Master demanding tracks around the world, customise your chair and get the right team around you in career mode.

My on-off relationship with Metal Gear


Ever since the release of Metal Gear Solid on the Sony Playstation in 1998 I have been trying to find my way into the vision created by legendary game designer and director Hideo Kojima. Still going strong today his story now spans well over ten games of which most are critically acclaimed for various reasons, gameplay, graphical achievement, story telling or whatever the latest development may be. Even before its release on the Playstation the series had existed for almost ten years in the form of Metal Gear and Metal Gear 2: Solid Snake.

Which brings me onto one of the biggest lures of the Metal Gear world, is its protagonist Solid Snake. Snake is an amalgamation of some our favourite 80’s action movie heroes, Michael Biehn, Mel Gibson, Kurt Russell and even Lee Van Cleef have all been noted as influences. Voiced by David Hayter Snake is a combination of spy, spec ops soldier and FOXHOUD (a renegade special forces unit). He acts alone only supported via radio by commanding officers and specialists. To me he is the James Bond of video games, he’s the kind of guy men want to be and the ladies want to be with.


Metal Gear Solid was reviewed at over 90% on average and was very well received shipping more than six million copies. It is now recognised by many critics as one of the best and most important games of all time. Despite its transition into 3D the core gameplay remained the same as its predecessors, we have to navigate Snake through the game’s areas without being detected by enemies. It is widely considered as the game which made the stealth genre popular. Progress is punctuated by many long… long cinematic cutscenes, using the in game graphics engine, helping to give the feeling of it being more than a video game. Hideo used this as a way of creating his very own interactive movie.

For whatever reason I just can’t seem to play one all the way through but I’m at the stage now where I feel I owe it to myself to finish at least one of them. I mean it’s not for lack of trying, I have owned almost all of the games at some point on varying formats, every time I find myself with a new console my brain clicks into overdrive and screams… Oi you, play MGS now!

My latest attempt was again thanks to Sony, offering the classic PS1 version of MSG + VR missions as a download for my Vita (and PS3) half price. The transaction was complete and all I had to do was download, install and enjoy! Surprisingly I managed to get a good half way through before I knew it, the story was holding my interest. Even though the visuals are now very dated and the control method fiddley I found it really, really enjoyable. Had I finally cracked playing a Metal Gear game? No. I finally gave up and continued to play the other games I had waiting for me with the idea of going back to it at some point. I think I have given myself an inbuilt fear of the game, there’s a little too much cut scene viewing and convoluted dialogue going on.

To my joy Sony announced that Metal Gear Solid HD collection would be added to PS+. I now have access to 3 MGS games on the go. I cleared the extra 4GB of space on my memory card for the install of the HD collection. I am yet to play. I am yet to finish a MGS game.



There’s a war coming…


The inevitable Xbox vs Playstation next-gen console war is about to truly begin. Following Sony’s announced of its PS4 back in February it’s now time for Microsoft to bring their cards to the table. Microsoft have made it official, they will be holding an event in Washington on 21st May to unveil the New Xbox. So here’s what we know so far, info taken from the verge –


The majority of rumors around Microsoft’s next-gen Xbox focus on the hardware specs of the console. In January, VGLeaks published documents that appear to outline the x86 architecture for the next Xbox. The console is said to include an 8-core 64-bit APU running at 1.6GHz, alongside 8GB of DDR3 memory and a large HDD for storage. Kotaku later backed up a number of these specs with the site’s own sources, leading many to believe these are the final retail specifications. A report from Bloomberg suggests the next Xbox will “use an AMD system-on-a-chip that combines powerful ‘Jaguar’ central processing units with graphics chips,” the same chip Sony uses on the PlayStation 4. In other words, the winner of the next big console war — assuming there’s a clear-cut winner — won’t be doing it on specs alone.


Aside from the raw processing power, the next Xbox will also include Blu-ray suport. After Microsoft’s HD-DVD plans failed to gain momentum, the company is now switching to the more popular Blu-ray technology with support for 50GB optical discs. While early rumors said the next Xbox will not feature a disc drive at all, this is not the case for a full console. Instead, Microsoft is also preparing a separate “Xbox TV” device that will provide access to casual gaming and TV streaming. This particular device will likely debut in early 2014.

Surprisingly, there have been no solid rumors about what the next Xbox console will look. Microsoft only recently finalized its design and hardware. The software maker had originally planned to unveil its next Xbox plans at an event in late May, but the company switched to late May to ensure it would have something to show following Sony’s lack of PlayStation 4 hardware at its own event. A tweet from Microsoft’s Larry Hryb would appear to suggest that Microsoft’s approach for its own event will include a look at the console.

On the controller side, Kotaku reports that the next-gen controller will be similar to the Xbox 360’s. Current controllers won’t work with the new console, allegedly, and the next Xbox is said to use wireless controllers exclusively.


A massive leak of Xbox 720 information back in June revealed Microsoft’s early plans for the Kinect 2. Microsoft references higher accuracy, stereo imaging, improved voice recognition, an improved RGB camera, and dedicated hardware processing. The leaked document also revealed a focus on four-player gaming and potential Kinect accessories that work as props in games such as baseball. More recently, a Kinect 2 developer kit image leaked that showed off improvements in depth and movement data. Microsoft’s next-generation Xbox is rumored to ship with the Kinect 2 as standard.


The Kinect 2 will also improve speech recognition for gaming and navigational tasks. Support for wake-on voice, natural language controls, and speech-to-text are all said to be present. Microsoft is also investigating scenarios where a Kinect sensor will detect individuals in a room and suggest appropriate multiplayer games after a user queries the Xbox using their voice. New body- and eye-tracking improvements, and support for hand recognition, will also assist with launch titles Ryse and others. Little more is known about the Kinect 2, but advanced Kinect sensors at Microsoft’s campus suggest that the next-generation will be thinner and smaller than the existing unit.


Microsoft has consistently made it clear that Xbox is its sole focus for entertainment and TV in the living room and elsewhere. A move to kill off the Zune brand in Windows 8 in favor of Xbox was one of the first clear signs that Microsoft was preparing to focus on its console brand for entertainment. An Xbox Music streaming service launched for Windows 8, and the company recently sold its Mediaroom IPTV business to make way for Xbox. With rumors of a “Cloud TV” platform, and Microsoft’s own hints at interactive TV plans with original video content, it’s guaranteed that the next Xbox will be a key part of these plans.


Sources familiar with Microsoft’s plans have revealed to that the company will introduce a feature that lets its next-generation console take over a TV and set-top box in a similar way to Google TV. We understand that the next Xbox will require an online connection to use the entertainment services, allowing them to be always on for streaming and access to TV signals. The functionality is said to work by taking a HDMI signal and overlaying UI and features from the Xbox onto the existing TV channel or set-top box feed.

The next Xbox is also said to run on Windows 8. It’s not clear exactly what type of UI will be surfaced to end users, but Microsoft has consistently updated its Xbox 360 dashboard to match the Live Tiles found in Windows 8 and Windows Phone, so it’s safe to say this type of UI will be present in some form or another. Microsoft has also previously made Internet Explorer and Xbox Music apps available on the Xbox, so a move to Windows 8 will unify these more closely. Xbox chief Don Mattrick recently said he’s happy with the curated approach of Xbox Live, but the Windows 8 foundation should also make things a lot easier for third-party developers to create apps for Xbox. Microsoft is expected to detail its development plans for the next-generation Xbox at its Build Developer Conference in June.


Rumors around an always-on and always connected Xbox surfaced from various sources earlier this year. Microsoft is said to be implementing an activation system coupled with an online requirement to prevent piracy of the next-generation Xbox games. Edge magazine originally reported that games would not be able to be reused on additional consoles due to the rumored activation method. Shortly afterwards, reports from Kotaku and VGLeaks suggested that the next Xbox will require game installations to hard disks.

Former Microsoft creative director Adam Orth spoke out on Twitter about the always-on rumors. “Sorry, I don’t get the drama over having an ‘always on’ console,” he said, before adding a #dealwithit hashtag. Reaction was swift, with many criticizing Orth’s comments. Microsoft was forced to issue a statement apologizing for Orth’s comments and Orth left Microsoft shortly after the controversy. It’s still unclear whether Microsoft will require an online connection for gaming, and whether the company is planning to implement an anti-used games system as previously rumored.


While the focus is on an Xbox console, Microsoft may be preparing other Xbox-related hardware. In leaked documents Microsoft referenced a mysterious “Project Fortaleza,” a plan for Kinect Glasses. There was little mention of the hardware involved, but the glasses appear to be Wi-Fi- or 4G-enabled and incorporate augmented reality in a way that’s similar to Google’s Project Glass augmented reality glasses. Microsoft marked the project for a 2014 schedule. The company also appears to be exploring other augmented reality scenarios for Xbox including IllumiRoom, which appears to use projectors to display and extend games onto nearby walls.

Microsoft is also said to be working on a 7-inch Surface tablet. The secret project, revealed in November, will likely ship later this year with some close ties to Xbox for casual gaming and interaction using the company’s SmartGlass system. Microsoft’s Xbox team is also said to be testing smartwatch prototypes with a Surface connector. Microsoft had originally planned to release a “Joule” heart rate monitor accessory for the Xbox, but the company has since decided to focus on a smartwatch instead. Microsoft’s own Xbox chief believes “10 years from now, we’ll be wearing 10 sensors on our body.”

See the original story here –

Ratchet & Clank: The Movie?


Today Blockade Entertainment and Rainmaker Entertainment have announced they are to produce Ratchet & Clank’s first cinematic adventure, due 2015. Insomniac will be honoured with a hands-on role with the film’s production, screenplay, character development, and animation consulting. Furthermore T.J. Fixman, who has written all of the recent Ratchet & Clank games, is writing the script for the film as well. See the teaser here.

There will be more to come on the Ratchet & Clank movie as the team gets further into production and closer to its release.

Granny Turismo Mashup

What if Polyphony Digital created Granny Turismo?

Developed exclusively for PS3 by Polyphony Digital, Granny Turismo brings the world’s most realistic and comprehensive mobility scooter driving experience to fans in one of the most highly anticipated games of all time. Granny Turismo features more than 1000 licensed scooters from the world’s top manufacturers and more than 20 tracks with more than 70 variations, including famous world circuits, city courses, and other environments.


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