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The Evil Within: teaser trailer


Take a look at the upcoming survival horror game, The Evil Within, with this live action teaser trailer. Due out later this year on Xbox, PS3 and PC its being developed by Tango Gameworks and published by Bethesda.

What we know so far, the game revolves around Detective Sebastian and his partner who rush to the scene of a gruesome mass murder. A mysterious, powerful force is lying in wait for them. Witnessing the killing of fellow police officers one after another, Sebastian is then attacked and loses consciousness. Waking up in a land where monsters are wandering about, he has to fight his way through a world of death and his close friend’s madness in order to understand what’s going on. Sebastian has to face his fears in order to survive on a journey to discover what lies in the shadows of that mysterious force, more to follow soon.

Grand Theft Auto V: Official Trailer 2


Trouble taps on your window again with this next chapter in the Grand Theft Auto universe, set in the city of Los Santos and its surrounding hills, countryside and beaches. A bold new direction in open-world freedom, storytelling, mission-based gameplay and online multiplayer, Grand Theft Auto V focuses on the pursuit of the almighty dollar in a re-imagined, present-day Southern California. Take a good look at 2013s most anticipated game here ->>

Pikmin 3 Wii U: Gameplay teaser

imageThe Return of an Army

Pikmin 3 is a fully reimagined, mass-action strategy title from the critically acclaimed Pikmin series. Players will discover a beautiful world filled with strange creatures and take command of a swarm of ant-like Pikmin trying to survive. The world is densely packed with treasures and enemies, which makes the game much more action focused and fills it with layers of potential strategies and paths, adding greater replayability to challenge modes.

Players can play using Wii Remote Plus and Nunchuk-based controls or the Wii U GamePad controller. With new intuitive controls that make it possible to aim at objects directly, players can command their tiny, yet powerful, squads in different ways. The GamePad acts as an overhead map and radar to track Pikmin movements in real time. In addition to the five original types of Pikmin encountered in previous games, the new Rock Pikmin bring powerful new abilities and are able to crack hard outer shells of enemies and break through solid barriers. Keep checking back for updates on the games progress.

Animal Crossing 3DS: First look

Animal Crossing: New Leaf is the latest game in the series and the first for the 3DS platform. This time you step into a new role, the mayor, where the decisions you make will shape your town and your life. Experience a living, breathing world where new friends and new discoveries await every morning, noon and night.

Express yourself by customising your character, your house and your town as you create your ideal world. Visit other players homes and towns through your local wireless connection or online play for creative inspiration or to socialise. Cultivate your creativity and make Animal Crossing your world with more choices and more fun than ever before! Due for release June 2013.

Disney Infinity is coming… to get you

One, two Disney‘s coming for you! Three, four better lock the door

Due for release this August, it will be the game that every kid wants and every parent fears. Disney Infinity is set in a fantastical world where players have unprecedented freedom and endless opportunity to create stories and play experiences starring the beloved characters from Walt Disney and Pixar Animation Studios’ most popular franchises.


There are two main modes in this game, Play Set and Toy Box. Each character play set is essentially a self-contained world with its own gameplay, based on a specific movie or series with recognizable characters and storylines. Characters from one world cannot enter into another world, but players can put any character together in Toy Box mode.

In the mould of Skylanders you will soon be forking out for the game, portal and characters… Enjoy! The starter pack comes with three figures – Mr Incredible, Jack Sparrow and Sulley. At launch there will be over 20 characters and toys available which Disney will continue to add too throughout 2013. You’ll also get one Power Disc in the starter pack which can be put under your characters to give them extra abilities.

So parents of the world just when you thought the collection was almost complete it’s time to start all over again Disney style. If things go their way, oh and they will, every child will be collecting these new figures. The Skylanders, which have already raked in over £500m of our money, will be soo not cool, pushed to one side, gather dust and eventually be sold at car boots across the country for 50p. Its all part of the circle of life, If you don’t believe me just watch Toy Story 2 that will explain it. You see we were all like this once, I remember making my mum queue outside of Toys R Us for 5 hours to get my Teenage Mutant Hero Turtle action figure.

And don’t worry it’s getting released on every format you can think of so there is nowhere to hide.

The Last of Us: PS3 teaser trailer

Developer Naughty Dog brings their latest creation,The Last of Us, to the PS3 on the 14th June 2013. The game focuses on two survivors, Joel and Ellie, trekking across a post-apocalyptic in a brand new entry into the survival horror action-adventure genre.

First look at Halo: The Movie from Peter Jackson

Heres the first look at producer Peter Jacksons latest blockbuster, Halo. Based on the 2001 video game from Bungie a human ship finds an ancient ring-world. The ships captain, his surviving marines and one of the few remaining Spartan’s must fight a collective group of alien races dedicated to the destruction of humanity.

Bioshock Infinite launch trailer

To infinity and beyond …

Metal Gear Solid 5: First look

Bye, bye Hayters … Shock Horror Phantom Pain becomes MGSV

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