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Jak and Daxter Trilogy to PS Vita in June


Last November Naughty Dog announced that the Jak and Daxter Trilogy would be making its PS3 debut. Hitting store shelves in February 2012, Naughty Dog’s beloved code received a faithful HD remake that made for a lot of happy fans and introduced newcomers to the treasured series.
We’re now pleased to announce we’re expanding the collection to the portable audience. Arriving in June, three of your favorite Jak and Daxter titles – Jak and Daxter: The Precursor Legacy, Jak II, and Jak 3 will be coming to PlayStation Vita as Jak and Daxter Trilogy.

The power of the PS Vita allows Jak and Daxter Trilogy to feature authentically reproduced graphics from the original games. If you’re a longtime fan you’ll instantly feel at home in the game world and new players will get to experience the world of Jak and Daxter for the first time via the cool new touch based applications of certain mini games throughout the collection. Holding these games in the palm of your hand has never been more exciting and responsive.

For you trophy seekers out there the trophy set isn’t shared with the PS3 version so that means there are three more Platinum trophies you can earn for your PSN ID via this portable collection.
We’ve been hard at work on this addition to the Jak and Daxter lineage and are excited to hear your hover board triumph stories as well as your trials and tribulations during your quests for more eco.

Get ready for more updates over the coming months, including news on when you’ll be able to play the Jak and Daxter Trilogy on PS Vita for the first time!

Men’s Room Mayhem outed for Vita

Men’s Room Mayhem has been outed by the Australian Classification Board. The game comes from Sawfly Studios, which comprises of staff from Sony‘s old Studio Liverpool.

Sony is yet to officially announce the title and there is little known info abouy the game. The classification shows Men’s Room Mayhem as being exclusive to PS Vita.


Assassin’s Creed III Liberation: PS Vita review

Hello my friend, we meet again. It’s been awhile, where should we begin?

Liberation is the Vita its first Assassin’s Creed outing and aims give a console quality experience on the go and for the most part it does exactly what you would expect.

Instead of trying to cram the console version of Assassin’s Creed onto the portable developer Ubisoft has opted to introduce a new character to the franchise. This story revolves around Aveline a female African-French Assassin and is set in New Orleans at the turn of the American Revolution. The game is sectioned into bite sized chapters which is ideal for jumping in and out of play on the go. Liberation plays much the same as the console version, an open world setting, collecting missions along the way to progress the story with optional side quests. I found it very similar to Revelations in its set up and design.

Graphically Liberation is decent in places and stunning at times, but only times. Theres nothing better than climbing up to the highest point on a map and taking a good old look around before performing the impossible ‘leap of faith’ into a cart full of straw. Annoyingly it was a disappointing mess of washed out browns in some of the swap based levels. By the time I had purchased the game there was already an update which addressed most of the frame rate and sound issues that many gamers had reported. I did find Aveline falling off the occasional ledge or missing a jump for no apparent reason but it happened so few and far between it never become a real issue. The music is great, the voice acting is simply terrible. The comical accents reminded me of René from the TV show Allo ‘Allo! I’m glad that I had the option to turn the subtitles on so I could turn the sound down.


Shock horror… Liberation makes use of the Vita’s touchscreen, rear touch pad, cameras and gyroscope. These additional input methods feel very gimmicky to me and did not really add anything to the game apart from the chain kill finishing move which was fun… the first time.

Linking the the game to the PS3 version gives you an exclusive mission to play in Liberation, among other extras. This is a nice touch from the developer but also means they expect you to purchase both.

Overall it is a very enjoyable game and I am just about to go back thru it to get all the extras missed on my first play. I’d like to see this as the foundation for future releases which hopefully will improve on the flaws found here. Lets be honest no one really like the first Assassin’s Creed. So sadly I can’t say Liberation is the system seller we all hoped it would be, I kinda blame Golden Abyss for this. Golden Abyss proved from day one that the console experience can be had on a smaller screen without having to be on a smaller scale.

7/10 theflamey

PSVita 2.10 Firmware update

PlayStation Vita is getting a system software update version, 2.10 will be released 10th April. Adding lots of new features such as a folder system for the home screen and support for video playback via the internet browser to name but a few.

Guacamelee! PS3 and PS Vita: Launch Trailer

Drinkbox studios will be releasing the long awaited follow up to Tales from Space, Guacamelee! on the 10th of April in Europe. It will support Cross-Buy meaning you buy the game once and get both the PS3 and PS Vita versions. There’s also a Platinum Trophy, which makes us happy. Here’s a sneak peek at the game in action.

FIFA 13: PS Vita review

Everyone seems to know the score, they’ve seen it all before …

My relationship with EA is a constant battle between love and hate. The past couple of years it has been leaning towards the side of hate. This years version of Fifa may just be the straw that breaks the camel’s back. Why you ask? well let me explain… after purchasing Fifa Football with my shiny new Vita around release day I was a very happy boy. Yes I had paid full price for a football game that had been released half way through the season, yes I had the far superior version on my PS3 but finally I could recreate a near console quality match on the go.

The game looked great, played well and even had most of the modes from its PS3 counterpart. It was kinda like a Fifa 12 -5 with added touch controls, which I enjoyed after a little practice. Tapping the rear touch pad as if it were the goal mouth is a great way to direct a shot in my opinion.

We now move onto Fifa 13. This year we get back the title number to prove we are playing a new game, sadly this seems to be one of the major updates!!! There have been minor gameplay and graphical tweaks but Fifa 13 is really just a full priced squad update, this really couldn’t have taken more than a week to produce.


So it’s not that it’s a terrible game, far from it. I really, really enjoyed playing Fifa Football the first time round I just have to ask myself why didn’t EA give us the option to download an update à la Euro 2012? I guess it all boils down to greed. Bring back This is Football ….. Nah

3/10 theflamey

Tales from Space, Mutant Blobs Attack: PSN review

Keep rollin’ rollin’ rollin’ rollin’ …

Mutant space blobby game is how I have known it since day one, honesty I didn’t know its actual name until checking just now. Yet having said that it is still one of the best games available for the Vita.

Tales from Space is basically a 2D version of Katamari mixed into a platformer. You play a one eyed blob who needs to get home, consuming anything thats gets in the way. The more you eat the bigger you get, the bigger you get the bigger the object you can eat … simple. There are around 25 levels to eat your way through each with a set of collectables to find, which is good news as you will want to replay this a second time.

The graphics are colourful and chunky which work perfectly on the Vitas OLED screen. The stylised cut scenes look like something found in a mid 90’s Nickelodeon cartoon which makes me smile.

Most importantly tho, Tales from Space is fun to play. The mix between using physical controls and touch n tilt are perfectly balanced. The touch elements do not feel forced and actually add to the experience. The top down tilt levels are optional.


If you haven’t played Mutant space blobby game yet and missed it on PSN+ I cannot recommend this game highly enough. Everyone with a Vita should play it and at around £5 it’s a total bargain.

April sees developer Drinkbox release their second PSVita offering, Guacamelee! I personally cannot wait.

7.5/10 theflamey

Lego Batman 2: PS Vita review

Its not the game we deserve, but its the one we have right now …

For what must be coming close to ten years now we have all been playing the same basic game in various guises, which isn’t a bad thing but this formula is getting a little stale.

So why have I parted with my money once again, well on this occasion Batman returns and every boy wants to be the bat.

The addition of voice acting really didn’t appeal to me as after hearing Batman rasp at Robin in the intro the novelty was gone and rest of the game was played on mute.

The campaign mode can be cleared within a few hours leaving the task of grinding out those in game bonuses, character unlocks and all important trophies. We all know the deal by now Bricks mean prizes!

The Justice League missions are a chore and once they have been accomplished I cannot find a reason to ever play this game again.


4/10 theflamey

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