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Mirrors Edge 2 Mashup

Once this city used to pulse with energy; dirty and dangerous, but alive and wonderful. Now it is something else. The changes came slowly at first. Most did not realise or did not care, and accepted them. They chose a comfortable life. Some didn’t. They became our clients. In a city where information is heavily monitored, agile couriers called Runners transport sensitive data away from prying eyes. In this seemingly utopian paradise, a crime has been committed, your sister has been framed and now you are being hunted. You are a Runner called The Edge – and this innovative first-person action-adventure is your story.


Mirror’s Edge delivers you straight into the shoes of this unique heroine as she traverses the vertigo-inducing cityscape, engaging in intense combat and fast paced chases. With a never before seen sense of movement and perspective, you will be drawn into The Edge’s world. A world that is visceral, immediate, and very dangerous.

Live or die? Soar or plummet? One thing is certain, in this city you will learn how to run. From the makers of the groundbreaking Battlefield franchise, Mirror’s Edge is an action-adventure experience unlike any other.

How to share games on PS4

Check out this step by step guide on how to share games on the ps4.

Call of Duty: Ghost Dog Mashup

In the not-too-distant future, a devastating attack has forever changed the global balance of power, with the United States no longer recognised as a superpower. Ten years after the attack, a band of elite soldiers known as the “Ghost Dogs” wage a covert war against an unseen enemy, with the outcome having far-reaching consequences for both themselves and the remains of America.


  • Epic single-player campaign picks up immediately following the thrilling events from Spots big adventure.
  • The definitive multiplayer experience returns, with a host of new perks and enhancements.
  • New cooperative SpecOps mode, the perfect combination of Modern Warfare’s single player intensity and the addictive replayability of its multiplayer.
  • Special Ops Mode allows two players, either alone or with a friend, to engage in unique mission play and features split-screen functionality.
  • Ghost Dog contains new and updated weapons, new weapons attachments, and a variant of the multiplayer weapons customisation system from MW3, now available in the single player campaign.

Grumpy Cat: The Video Game Mashup

Join Grumpy Cat in the adventure literally no-one is talking about. Guide him through stunning open world environments in his first ever video game and a never-ending quest for the mystical Happiness! The ability to control the flow of time provides a totally new 4-dimensional gaming experience only possible on Xbox 360.


Clever, Cool Cat: At the Time Factory, where time is manufactured and managed, Grumpy Cat has worked as Time Sweeper and janitor for years. His daily tasks include collecting lost time crystals before they cause glitches in time. Time Control: Actually control the flow of time, a feature only possible on Xbox. Record actions, play them back and have dual characters cooperate to complete challenges. Upgradeable Weapons and Abilities: Need extra power to move larger obstacles? Grumpy Cat sweeps up trash from the streets to supplement his meager income from the Time Factory.

Shenmew Three Mashup

Finally you can finish the story with Shenmew 3, set for release late 2013 on Xbox, PS3 and PS4. Following the events of Shenmue 2, you must depart from Yokosuka to Hong Kong and search once again for Pokemon Master Ash. This mysterious and elusive individual is Mews only possible link to Pikachu the beast who murdered his father.


  • A blend of mystery, suspense, drama and action.
  • Advanced 3-D fighting system with over 50 punches, kicks, holds, and combos.
  • Fully-immersive world with bustling streets, night and day, and realistic weather effects.
  • Xbox exclusives: 90-minute movie DVD, faster load times, sepia and black-and-white color filters.

Halo Mashup

After almost thirty years of war with Ainsley Harroitt, he has finally found victory. The MasterChef, a Spartan super-cook, and Nigella, an AI construct of unmatched technical sophistication, put an end to Harriott, Ready Steady Cook and the threat of the Ramsey Array on a remote installation known as the Sunday Kitchen. Now, in the wake of the conflict, the Chef and Nigella drift through space aboard the remains of Kitchen Nightmares, slowly approaching a mysterious artificial world they will soon come to call Jamie’s School Dinners.


In addition to a rich story and campaign, Halo: Return of Masterchef introduces a groundbreaking new multiplayer offering, called “Prep Station Infinity”, that builds off the franchise’s rich multiplayer history and promises to continue to innovate and redefine the way people think about storytelling and multiplayer experiences.


Shenmue: Retro game of the day


Shenmue, released in 1999, was developed by AM2 and released on the Dreamcast. In fact it was the reason I purchased a Dreamcast. The game was the vision of Yu Suzuki who wanted to create an interactive world by simulating aspects of real life, such as the day and night system, real-time variable weather effects, fully voiced non-player characters with their own daily schedules, quick time events and various other interactive elements such as vending machines, arcades, and convenience stores.


‘I’m looking for Sailors’ – Ryo Hazuki

The story begins November 1986 when Ryo Hazuki comes home to witness a gang leader beating his father to death. Ryo steps in to defend his father but is knocked out and the gang leader, Lan Di, rides off into the sunset with the mystical dragon mirror… but just what is the dragon mirror and why did Lan Di kill Hazuki-sensei?

At the time of production Shenmue cost $47 million making it the most expensive game ever created. It was soon followed in 2001 with a sequel, Shenmue 2. The original and its sequel are still considered to be among some greatest video games ever released but with disappointing sales figures, in comparison to costs, the story was left at an unresolved cliffhanger. The 3rd and final game in the trilogy is yet to surface, all we can do is keep our fingers crossed…

Shenmue did briefly return in 2002 when an enhanced version of Shenmue 2 was released on the Xbox. The most significant differences with this version were the graphical improvements and the inclusion of a full English dub, with Corey Marshall reprising his role as Ryo Hazuki. The Xbox version benefited from being able to fit onto one DVD and was bundled with Shenmue: The Movie on a separate disc. This 90 minute film composed entirely of scenes from the first game which helped to fill in the story so far, check it out here ->

With HD remasters of both games apparently complete we again wait with fingers crossed for their digital re-release. This can’t happen soon enough as decent sales may kickstart the final chapters production.

Bioshock Infinite: Xbox 360 review

imageLet me start this review by saying that I loved Bioshock, I thought it was graphically stunning, had a good story, played very well and had one of the best twists I witnessed in a game. With Bioshock 2 I started off not being a huge fan as it felt like more of an unneeded expansion but as it went on I got into it and by the end had thoroughly enjoyed the experience.

With that in mind I did not have high hopes for Bioshock Infinite. It had been delayed at least three times and history is littered with games that have had huge delays and turned out to be complete wastes of time, with Duke Nukem Forever and Aliens: Colonial Marines being two recent examples of this. I was therefore delighted to find within the first ten minutes of playing that my fears were wholly misplaced.

The game starts with a clever nod to the original Bioshock and continues from the with a story that was intriguing enough to keep me playing just to see how it progressed next, I won’t go into the story but will say that it’s very good and the last twenty or so minutes have stayed with me like few games have managed.


Gameplay wise it’s similar to previous entries in the series, you have Vigours rather than Plasmids and can only carry two weapons at a time but weapons and powers can be updated over time, and you will also find Gear which can be equipped which will bestow certain bonuses on you.. The biggest change to the formula is that the game becomes a giant escort quest at a certain point, and it’s the way this handled that makes the game such a joy, usually escort quests are painful and frustrating but with Bioshock Infinite you get banter between the two main characters, Booker and Elizabeth, which helps flesh them out as characters and Elizabeth will help in battle by providing ammo or salts (used to power the Vigours) while also managing to be completely unobtrusive.

All in all Bioshock Infinite is an amazing game and if games like this are to be the swan song of the current generation then we could be in for a treat for the rest of 2013.

9/10 Lopez Green

Halo 4: Xbox 360 review

imageSo the end of 2012 brought us Halo 4 which represented a new beginning for the franchise on two fronts, the first being the start of a new trilogy (the Reclaimer trilogy) and the second more crucial one is that it is the first entry in the franchise created by 343 Industries, the team created solely to continue the Halo series.

Lets start by saying that visually the game is absolutely stunning, quite possibly one of the best looking games released this generation. Everything has been given a complete re-tooling, weapons from the older games are given an overhaul but when all said and done it’s still recognisable as a Halo game. Sound too is very good, Neil Davidge had an impossible task in following Marty O’Donnell‘s iconic score but he does an impressive job of making his own mark (listen out for a familiar tune in the end credits though).

The campaign picks up a few years after the end of Halo 3 and is exactly what you would expect from a Halo game, it’s great to be back with the Master Chief and Cortana again. The only negative side to it is that a lot of the nuance to the story is lost if you haven’t read some of the expanded universe novels or watch the Forward Unto Dawn web series but it’s still a fantastic ride from start to finish.


Multiplayer is also very good, I don’t usually bother as a rule but found myself playing a lot more than I expected. Firefight mode has been replaced with the Spartan Ops mode which actually has a story and cutscenes to further flesh the mode out and the suspicion is that this will in some ways lead into the inevitable Halo 5.

All in all 343 have crafted a hell of a debut effort, one of the games of 2012 for me, and I look forward to seeing what they can do going forwards as it’s likely to be a hell of a ride.

9/10 Lopez Green

Dragon’s Dogma Mashup

Fight as one of nine vocation types against the dragon who took your heart in Dragon’s Dogma, the open world fantasy game from Crapcom.


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