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The Italian Job

Mario and Toad are introducing the plans for a new business venture, The Italian Job.



Mr. Moskeeto: Retro

The player controls a small mosquito,named Mr Moskeeto, who has taken up residency in the house of the Yamada family, life-sized humans that serve as the protagonist‘s food source in the game. The goal of the game is to stock up on blood through the summer so that the mosquito will survive the winter ahead. The player is tasked with sucking blood from specific body parts of the family members without being noticed. If the player is not careful, the human will become stressed and eventually attack.


The game is made up of a series of stages which must be unlocked in order by completing each previous stage. Players can choose their own path though each stage. At the start of each stage is a briefing detailing the room where the stage takes place, the victim and areas on their body from which blood can be sucked, and any prevalent dangers. The rooms in each stage are fully explorable. Each room has items hidden in obscure places which can bring various benefits.

Ways to die: Watery grave

He is everyone’s favourite blue hedgehog and we all know he has a problem with water. Sonic often finds himself in a watery grave, we all get that sudden panic when the music changes and the countdown begins.


Grumpy Cat: The Video Game Mashup

Join Grumpy Cat in the adventure literally no-one is talking about. Guide him through stunning open world environments in his first ever video game and a never-ending quest for the mystical Happiness! The ability to control the flow of time provides a totally new 4-dimensional gaming experience only possible on Xbox 360.


Clever, Cool Cat: At the Time Factory, where time is manufactured and managed, Grumpy Cat has worked as Time Sweeper and janitor for years. His daily tasks include collecting lost time crystals before they cause glitches in time. Time Control: Actually control the flow of time, a feature only possible on Xbox. Record actions, play them back and have dual characters cooperate to complete challenges. Upgradeable Weapons and Abilities: Need extra power to move larger obstacles? Grumpy Cat sweeps up trash from the streets to supplement his meager income from the Time Factory.

Angry Turds Mashup

The survival of the Angry Turds is at stake. Dish out revenge on the greedy bogies who stole their paper. Use the unique powers of each turd to destroy the bogies’ defences. Angry Turds features challenging physics-based gameplay and hours of replay value. Each level requires logic, skill, and force to solve.


If you get stuck in the game, you can unlock Mr Hankey! Mr Hankey is a phenomenal creature who soars through the skies to wreak havoc and smash the pesky bogies into oblivion. There’s just one catch, you can only use the aid of Mr Hankey to pass a level once per hour. Mr Hankey also includes all new gameplay goals and trophies!

In addition to the Mr Hankey, Angry Turds now has power-ups! Boost your Turds’ abilities and three-star levels to unlock secret content! Angry Turds now has the following amazing power-ups, Poop Scope for laser targeting, King Squirts for maximum flinging power, Super Shits to supersize your turds, and Turdquake to shake bogies’ defences to the ground!

Crazy Taxi Mashup

Police inspector Emilien and his taxi-driver pal Daniel are back, this time on the tail of a group of Japanese yakuza in this video game based on the hit movie Taxi 2. The main objective of the game is to pick up customers and take them to their chosen destination as quickly as possible.


Along the way, money can be earned by performing stunts such as near misses with other vehicles. Ratings are then awarded depending on how long the player took to complete the journey. If the customer’s timer runs out before the player reaches the destination the customer jumps from the taxi.

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